Thursday, November 21, 2019

Post Modern Paradoxs Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Post Modern Paradoxs - Research Proposal Example esultant concepts such as the social movement based on the modern policies are also undertaken to be able to achieve the aim of determining the issues and concepts that are related to the migration. The post modern paradox presented by Douglas Massey is used to describe the migration status in the international community. Basically, he described the history of immigration mainly on the economic aspect by looking to the motivation of people in relation to migration. These periods of immigration are driven by the different forces in the society, most specially the economic aspects. It has evolved from the trend wherein established nations such as those in the Western Europe sending people and immigrants to explore and conquer less developed nations toward the present condition wherein the less developed nations are the ones who have more people migrating on the basis of the need to work in capital-rich nations considered as receiving regions in terms of migration. In addition to such trends, there are other observations such as the movement of people in the modern era is distributed to different parts of the world. In relation the movements of the people, the movements of the different economic components such as the goods, capital and different forms of technology and information are also included in significant characteristics (Massey 2-6). The South Africa and the movement of the population can be attributed to two main reasons. One is the local migration within the region on the basis of job in certain areas of the continent that had been more developed. The more significant force of migration is related to people that are coming from other countries on the basis of the motivation to further develop the region. In fact, different international organization of economic perspectives and objectives are continuously making the region a site of migration receiving area (Massey 6). The situation in South Africa can be compared to that of the United States

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